About Us

DSRS Online is the e-commerce division of DSRS Productions and DSRS Publishing.  DSRS Online handles physical and digital sales for DSRS Productions, DSRS Publishing, and their clients.


In 1993, Daniel Thompson (founder of DSRS Online) coined the name DSRS Productions as a record label for his music.  Over the following decade, DSRS Productions grew into a music and multimedia production company, and in 2008, Thompson was able to officially register the name DSRS Productions as his company’s name.  During the early 2000′s, DSRS Productions began receiving requests to publish music and music books.  Demand for printed and published materials grew through the 2000′s and so did the types of publications produced by DSRS Productions, In 2009, Thompson started DSRS Publishing to meet growing demands of published materials.  DSRS Publishing provides publishing services (such as: physical books, audiobooks, and digital and e-pub books) to independent authors, educators, musicians, and other trade related industries.